Veteran Owned Business Hiring

Nowadays, different businesses earn different kinds of certifications. Some of the more common certifications include women-led businesses or veteran owned businesses. At Plumbing Tech, we are a veteran owned business. When you’re looking for companies to work for, choose a company owned by a veteran. Below are some of the common reasons why you should hire a veteran owned company to help with your services.

What a Veteran Owned Company Entails

In order to claim your business as a veteran owned business, the owner must be a veteran or a reservist, according to Veterans Affairs. Additionally, the veteran must own the majority of the company. That veteran also needs to control all the decisions made by the company, hold the highest position in the company, and work full-time for the company. At Plumbing Tech, our owner, Kyle Kaczmarek, served in the United States Marine Corps.

Way to Show Your Thanks

Americans always thank their service members for their service. Many times, they share their appreciation by thanking a veteran when they see them. However, you have different ways to show your thanks. One way to show appreciation is by hiring companies owned by veterans for any projects you need completed. For instance, if you need a new water heater or need sewer repair, you can turn to Plumbing Tech to show your appreciation for a veteran’s service. Additionally, we show our thanks to veterans and active-duty military members by offering a 10 percent off discount.

Quality Work Completed On Time

With a company owned by a veteran, you know you’ll have quality work for your project. You also know the work finishes on time. In the military, service members are expected to behave in a certain manner. Many continue to follow those behaviors even after leaving the military. That helps in keeping on task and completing those tasks. At Plumbing Tech, we work hard to complete all projects within the timeline and staying within your budget.

Provide Recommendations for Other Veteran Owned Companies

Veterans tend to stick together. Because of that, many veteran owned companies affiliate themselves with other companies owned by veterans. Should you have any projects in the future, we can help you choose another company. In the US, there are thousands, if not millions, companies owned by veterans. If we can’t do the job, we’ll recommend a veteran owned company to help you with any projects you have.

Ultimately Good For You Too

Overall, supporting businesses owned by veterans looks good for your business, too. We’ve already mentioned that veterans stick together. If your company or family is easy to work with, word will spread. The spreading word helps grow your business with veterans. While it’s good to support companies owned by veterans, it shouldn’t be the only reason your business or family chooses to hire a veteran owned business.

Companies owned by veterans are a part of the American culture. Turn to them as a way to show your appreciation. If you’re looking for a plumbing company in the Cleveland, Ohio area, look no further than Plumbing Tech. We work on both commercial and residential properties. Give us a call now to schedule your appointment.

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